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The Best Bookstores in Moscow

House of Foreign Books House of Foreign Books

There is nothing quite like a good book to cheer you up on a cold winter’s day. Fortunately, there is no lack of choice here in Moscow, and all types of readers will be able to find what they need. Whether you prefer the bustle of the big 3-story bookshops or the quiet serenity of smaller second-hand stores, Moscow has something for everyone. Here is our selection of the best bookshops in the city, so you can snuggle up in front of the fireplace as you watch the snow fall.

Pioneer Cinema 

A cinephile’s paradise 

The Pioneer Cinema has more to offer than just film screenings, with both a fantastic cafe and one of the best bookshops in the city. If you have time before your film starts, make sure to check out their extensive collection of children’s books, Russian classics, foreign literature and coffee table gems. For those who want to stay longer, sit down in one of the comfy armchairs and flick through the pages of your favorite book. They also sell high quality prints of classic movie posters, the perfect gift for any cinephile.


Antiques and rarities from all over the world 

Bukinist, one of the oldest second-hand bookshops in Moscow, is jam-packed with treasures dating back hundreds of years. Its shelves are filled with antique books about everything and anything, from all over the world. Their collection includes (but is not limited to) collected works of Russian and foreign classics, encyclopedias, maps, pre-revolutionary works, etc. Want to get rid of the pile of dusty books accumulating in the attic? Bukinist will buy them from you!


One stop-shop for all your bookworm needs 

Walking into Biblio-Globus can be as daunting as walking through a shopping mall on Black Friday. There are people everywhere and very little space to move around. That said, if you know what you are looking for, it is very likely that they will have it. Every type of book is on sale here, whether it be travel guides, coloring books for grown-ups, or Soviet satire. If it all gets a bit too much, you can always pop downstairs to the cafe for a restorative coffee and pastry.

Chook and Geek 

Comic books and more 

Comic book lovers, rejoice! Chook and Geek specializes in comics, manga and graphic novels in both English and Russian. In this little shop off Tverskaya Street, you will find an extensive collection of comics, from mainstream Marvel hits to comics by Russian artists. Chook and Geek cater to even the most particular of tastes, with books based on TV shows such as “Twin Peaks,” “Sherlock” and “The Big Bang Theory.” If you’re shopping for kids, you’ll be delighted by the beautifully illustrated books that any child would be love to own.

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography 

Incredible finds for photography buffs 

A trip to the Lumiere Brothers Gallery would not be complete without a look around their wonderful bookshop. They specialize in photography books from all around the world, from compilation editions of major photographers to books about the theory and practice of photography, as well as more unusual and hardto-find Russian editions. They also sell photo albums for most of their exhibitions, so you can take a piece of your favorite exhibition home.

House of Foreign Books 

The polyglot’s choice 

This literary hub on Kuznetsky Most is perfect for anyone looking to learn or perfect a foreign language. In the basement, you will find educational books and games, both for children and for adults, beginners and the more advanced. Upstairs, you can apply your linguistic skills with one of your favorite books in a foreign language. Whether you want to learn English, Russian, Spanish, Italian or French, this spot has a great choice of books for linguists of all levels and ages.

Garage Museum 

Art central 

Garage, in the famous Gorky Park, is not just a museum. As well as hosting some of the most cutting-edge exhibitions in Moscow, with artists from all over the world, Garage now also boasts a restaurant, a public library specializing in modern art and a fantastic bookshop. Fans of modern art will be delighted with Garage’s wide selection of photography books, modern art theory guides, children’s books, as well as little treasures and souvenirs, such as jewelry, posters, postcards and printed Garage merchandise.


Great selection of English language books 

If you are a Russian speaker wanting to improve your English, or an English-speaker looking for something to read in your native tongue, Bookbridge is the place for you. Looking for your favorite author’s latest release? Bookbridge’s connections with major European and American publishing houses means that they probably have it. Not quite ready to tackle “Anna Karenina” or “Master and Margarita” in Russian? Then opt for a translated version here instead. This is a haven for anyone who loves to read books in English.

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