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Syria May Be Divided Into Spheres of Influence: Reports

Hassan Ammar / AP

Syria may be divided into informal spheres of influence determined by Russia, Turkey and Iran, the Reuters news agency reports.

Earlier, Turkey's state-owned Anadolu Agency news service reported that a deal had been reached between Turkey and Russia for a new ceasefire set to go into effect at midnight Dec. 29.

According to one of Reuters' sources, Syrian President Bashar al Assad will most likely remain president until new elections. At that point he will be replaced by another candidate in return for a guarantee of safety for him and his family.

The deal is still in the early stages of development, since it will require the agreement of the Syrian government, the opposition, the Persian Gulf States and the United States. The plan will also allow for autonomy within a federal structure controlled by Assad.

According to Andrei Kortunov of the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs, several candidates to replace Assad have been discussed, but he refused to give any names. 

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