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Russian Diplomat Assaults Star Mongolian Rapper – Reports

S. Amarmandaha / Twitter

The Russian embassy in Mongolia has refused to confirm reports of a brawl between a member of diplomatic staff and famous Mongolian rapper S. Amarmandaha.

Mongolian media outlets have claimed that Amarmandaha, frontman of the rap group Khar Sarnai, had been brutally beaten by a Russian embassy employee at a public celebration.

Some accounts claim that the fight started when the rapper and well-known nationalist greeted the Russian guest with the phrase "Heil Hitler."

The Russian allegedly attacked the musician after the event, striking him on the head with a bottle. A group of men then began to kick the rapper as he fell to the ground and lost consciousness. The group was eventually stopped by security personnel, and the incident was reportedly captured by security cameras.

A number of conflicting reports have appeared in the Mongolian media as to the rapper's current condition, with some reporting that he is in intensive care. Others claim that the damage was only minor, and that the musician only suffered a broken nose.

"These reports are currently being verified," a spokesperson from Russia's embassy in Ulaanbaatar said. "According to the information we currently have, these claims simply aren't correct," the spokesperson said. 

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