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Russian Communications Expert Says Kremlin Is Hacker-Proof


The Kremlin's vital information systems are impervious to hacking, according to Sergei Plugotarenko, director of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications. In an interview with the state-run TASS news agency, Plugotarenko explained that the Kremlin's systems are divided into separate tiers, external and internal, with the latter housing critical information which might be of interest to hackers.

"Any vitally important state information systems can’t be hacked as they are physically separated from the external Internet," Plugotarenko said. 

He also added that "one can only guess what internal systems the Kremlin has."

As for the external systems, which may have media-related content, Plugotarenko said no amount of IT security could keep determined hackers out. 

Earlier the American television network NBC claimed a source in U.S. intelligence services told them that U.S.-based hackers had managed to penetrate sensitive computer networks in Russia, including those that control the power grid and telecommunications system. Russia's Communications and Mass Media Minister Nikolai Nikiforov denied the possibility of hacking into the Kremlin's computer networks. 

The U.S. government made a number of claims that hackers working on behalf of the Russian government were interfering in the recent presidential election. The Russian government has repeatedly denied involvement.

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