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Controversial Prince Vladimir Statue Arrives in Moscow

Moskva News Agency

Moscow's latest tourist attraction, a 16-meter monument to Russia's medieval Prince Vladimir, has been delivered to its final resting place close to the Kremlin.

The statue, which depicts Vladimir holding a large cross, was delivered in several parts on Saturday evening. The 25 tons of bronze will now be welded into place on a pedestal in Borovitskaya Ploshchad.

Prince Vladimir's path to the Kremlin has not been without controversy. The statue was originally envisioned as a 25-meter-tall giant, erected at Vorobyovy Gory, or Sparrow Hills, near Moscow State University.

Complaints from local residents saw the monument moved into the UNESCO World Heritage site encompassing the Kremlin and Red Square, but not everyone was happy with the compromise.

UNESCO criticized the choice, claiming that the monument could have a "negative impact" on the Kremlin's "historical urban landscape."

The objections spurred Russian officials to shrink the statue, but despite making “positive remarks” on the change, UNESCO has yet to formally sign off on the monument.

The statue will be officially unveiled on Nov. 4, which marks Russian National Unity Day.

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