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Patriarch: English Words in Russian Language a 'Very Bad Sign'

Head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill

Russian Orthodox Church head Patriarch Kirill has denounced the “unwarranted” use of English words in the Russian language, describing it as a “very bad sign” during a meeting of the Russian Literature Society, the RBC news agency reported Thursday.

“Some experts believe that Russian classical literature with its language and values is too complicated for present-day schoolchildren, and therefore is useless in communication,” the Patriarch said.

“As a result, the new generation uses the word ‘trend’ in their speech,” he pointed out, adding that the replacement of a Latin root word “tendency” with the English one seems “completely illogical.”

President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech during the first meeting of the Society on May 16, calling the preservation of Russian language, literature and culture a “matter of national security,” RBC reported.

“Russia has repeatedly experienced radical changes in its traditional and cultural backgrounds, but has always found strength to return to its spiritual and historical values,” Putin was quoted as saying by RBC.

Patriarch Kirill was recommended by Putin to head the Russian Literature Society, established this year in order to study and preserve the Russian language.

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