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Russian 'Museum of Emotions' to Open in St. Petersburg

An interactive “Museum of Emotions” is about to open its doors in St.Petersburg, the news website reported Tuesday.

The project will develop visitors' “emotional literacy” by triggering intense positive and negative emotions, museum organizers claim.

While the exact exhibits remain a secret to the public, photographs leaked on social media suggest that visitors could be offered the chance to rest in virtual daisy meadows, to see themselves lying in a coffin, or to view thousands of reflections of themselves in a room of mirrors, reported.

The artist behind the project, Alexei Sergienko, said that all exhibits at the museum were created to trigger as many human emotions as possible. “In one hour, people will be able to feel more than they would in their entire lifetime,” he said.

A similarly titled 'Museum of Feelings' opened in New York last year.

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