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Moscow to Introduce Special Police Unit to Fight Reckless Driving

A special unit of strong men will appear on Moscow's roads in December to combat “unruliness” and reckless driving, Viktor Kovalenko, the head of the city's traffic police, told local news website in an interview on Monday.

Eleven people have already been recruited after passing a “careful selection” procedure, Kovalenko said, adding that the number included members of Russia's OMON riot police and the SOBR rapid reaction force.

“We need tough, healthy guys who won't be afraid of the people they will encounter,” Kovalenko said. “These inspectors will be the true guardians of the road, an elite,” he added.

Almost 8.8 million traffic violations were recorded in the first nine months of the year in the city, he said.

The unit will include up to 150 road inspectors in total, reported last month.

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