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3 Killed in Attack on Ambulance Depot in Crimea

The attack was allegedly carried out by local resident Bekir Nebiyev, the news report said.

Three people were killed in an attack on an ambulance depot in the Crimean city of Simferopol on Saturday, the Interfax news agency reported.

The attack was allegedly carried out by local resident Bekir Nebiyev, the news report said. Police had not apprehended him by the time of publication.

Nebiyev, 55, reportedly went to the depot at about 4 p.m. Saturday and started shooting at medics, killing two and injuring another two people, one of whom died later in the hospital.

Local officials cited by Interfax claimed Nebiyev suffered from a psychiatric disorder and had attacked the station in revenge for a relative who had been misdiagnosed.

On Sunday police published a photo of Nebiyev and called on local residents to share any information about his possible whereabouts.

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