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Siberian Newlyweds Too Drunk to Board Plane

A newlywed Russian couple traveling from Siberia to Moscow was denied boarding because the bride was too drunk, the Interior Ministry said.

When the couple showed up for check-in at the airport in Kemerovo, the groom, 30, was only “slightly buzzed,” but the bride, 26, “could stand upright only by leaning on a strong male shoulder,” the ministry's transport police department in Siberia said in a statement Monday.

The man claimed that his bride was afraid of flying and had tried to combat her “phobia” by consuming copious volumes of alcoholic drinks on the eve of the flight, the statement said.

When airport officials refused to let the woman board the plane, her new husband stayed behind with her, the statement said.

The couple flew to Moscow the next day after buying new tickets, the statement said.

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