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Crimean Shipyard Head Investigated Amid String of Corruption Arrests

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) has opened a criminal case against the head of a Crimean shipyard in Yalta for negligence leading to the loss of 6.4 million rubles ($115,500) in revenue, news agency Kryminfo reported Wednesday.

Although the head of the Yalta commercial seaport, Dmitry Petrov, has not been arrested, the FSB is pressing criminal charges against him for mismanaging a contract renegotiation for the chartering of a tanker ship, resulting in the loss of 6.4 million rubles for the port.

Russian authorities have arrested several Crimean industrial managers and government officials on corruption charges in recent days, such as the head of the Crimean branch of Russia's federal tax service and Crimea's minister of industry.

Petrov is being charged with abuse of authority, Kryminfo reported, citing the press service of the Crimean FSB.

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