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Russian Policeman Forgets AK-47 Rifle on Car Roof (Video)

Two Russian policemen have been disciplined for negligence after leaving a Kalashnikov rifle unattended on the roof of their car while relaxing inside their vehicle, a news report said Tuesday.

Footage of the incident uploaded Monday to YouTube shows a forgotten AK-47 automatic rifle lying on the roof of a police vehicle, while an officer sits in the front passenger seat “playing with his phone,” according to a voice heard in the video.

The second policeman is not within view, but is presumably seated behind the wheel of the car, marked as belonging to the police force of Chusovoi, a town in the Ural Mountains.

“[All you need to do] is walk up to [the car], grab the gun, and that's it,” a male voice, presumably belonging to the person recording the video, is heard saying.

“This is how our policemen do their jobs,” a female voice adds.

A spokesperson for the Perm region police, Artur Gainanov, said the policemen had been found guilty of negligence, website reported Tuesday. It was not clear from the report when the incident had taken place.

The news website claimed the policemen had forgotten about the weapon and would drive off, leaving it behind. The report did not specify whether that is what indeed happened.

In a similar security lapse four years ago, in 2011, a schoolboy used a weapon that had been left unattended by police to fire upon his classmates. Two children were injured in the shooting, which took place in a youth camp in the Dagestan republic, the report said.

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