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Chinese Monument to Russian Writer Pushkin Contains Typos

A monument to Alexander Pushkin in Heihe.

A monument to one of Russia's most revered authors, the 19th-century poet Alexander Pushkin, was reportedly unveiled in China this week with a misspelled inscription on its granite pedestal.

The monument, erected in the city of Heihe just miles from the Russian border, was supposed to say "The father of Russian literature – Pushkin," the far-eastern news site Amur.Info reported Thursday.

But the first letter of the word "Russian" instead comes at the end of the word "father," while the name "Pushkin" is not capitalized, according to a photo posted in the report.

The monument's installers were not too worried about the errors, though, and said that they would soon be fixed, Amur.Info reported.

Heihe is on the southern bank of the Amur River, near the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk.

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