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Russia's Tech Firm Yota Working on Dual-Screen Tablet

Yota is working on a tablet device to complement its successful double-screened YotaPhone.

Yota, a leading Russian mobile developer, is working on a tablet device to complement its successful double-screened YotaPhone, the Izvestia newspaper reported on Thursday, citing the company's head Vladislav Martynov.

The YotaPhone turned heads in December 2013 when the company unveiled its novel dual-screen design. On one side the phone features a standard LCD screen familiar to all smartphone users, while the opposite side has an e-ink screen like those found on Amazon's Kindle devices.

Martynov said the company remains primarily focused on the YotaPhone, which it describes as its core product, and that the final decision to manufacture a tablet has yet to be made.

If the company does pursue the tablet market, Martynov said that the device would likely be expensive due to its dual-screen features.

The current iteration of the YotaPhone, the YotaPhone 2, goes for 39,990 rubles ($620) — about the cost of an entry-level iPhone 6, which sells for $650.

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