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Murderous Stray Dogs Stalk Moscow Park With Grisly History

The woman died after two days of medical care after being attacked by dogs in Bittsevsky Park.

Moscow's Bittsevsky Park has been the scene of a series of gory killings in recent years, and now human perpetrators seem to have been joined by stray dogs in bringing about violent death.

A 62-year-old Moscow woman has died in an area hospital from multiple bites to her head, arms and legs, after being mauled by a pack of stray dogs in broad daylight in a sprawling forested section of the park in southern Moscow, Interfax reported Monday, citing police.

The woman succumbed to her injuries Sunday following two days of medical care in Sklifosovsky Hospital after being attacked by dogs last week, the report said, adding that police were investigating.

A serial killer nicknamed "Chessboard Killer" by the media also killed most of his 49 known victims in Bittsevsky Park between 2001 and 2006. Last fall, the mutilated body of a young woman in her 20s was found in Bittsevsky Park. Her killer was never caught.

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