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British Embassy Tweets Diagram to Help Russia Spot Its Tanks in Ukraine

The British Embassy in Kiev has published a diagram of a Russian armored vehicle in a sneer on Twitter that is "to help the Kremlin spot its tanks" in eastern Ukraine.

"[President Vladimir] Putin still denying Russia's troops and hardware are in Ukraine. Here's a guide to help the Kremlin spot its tanks," said a Ukrainian-language tweet posted Wednesday on the British Embassy's Twitter feed.

The image, titled "Proof of Russian Military Involvement in Ukraine" shows a diagram of a T-72BM tank, as well as photographs of three reported sightings of the vehicle between August and October.

While the T-72BM is operated by the Russian army, it is not known to have been exported or operated outside of Russia, according to military research analyst Joseph Dempsey.

"The presence of this [tank] variant in Ukraine therefore strongly supports the contention that Russia is supplying arms to separatist forces," Dempsey wrote in an article for the International Institute for Strategic Studies think tank in August.

Earlier this year, Canada's delegation to NATO tweeted a map, supposedly to "help" Russian military troops stay within the country's boundaries.

The map showed Russian territory highlighted in red and titled "Russia," and Ukraine, which was colored blue, labeled "Not Russia."

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied accusations by the West that it is backing pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine by supplying them with weapons and manpower.

More than 4,100 people have been killed in eastern Ukraine since the outbreak of hostilities seven months ago, according to UN estimates.

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