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City Hall Plans Vast Hotel-Business Complex Near Moscow-City

Deputy Mayor Marat Khusnullin has announced plans for a huge hotel and business complex near the Moscow-City business district in central Moscow.

The complex, which will be built on the site of a vast, defunct Soviet-era flour mill that looms just to the west of the Moscow-City skyscrapers, will sprawl across 250,000 square meters and should be completed by 2017, Khusnullin said, according to a statement published on the Moscow construction department's website.

The complex will form part of the Bolshoi City project, Khusnullin added. Approved in 2005, Bolshoi City aims to modernize an 800-hectare industrial area northwest of the capital's Third Ring Road, replacing old, often decrepit factories and apartment blocks with offices, new residences and entertainment facilities.

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