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11 City Beaches to Beat the Moscow Summer Heat

Summer temperatures in Moscow force residents to escape the city center in search of cooler waters.

This year Moscow residents without a dacha or travel plans will have exactly 11 ways to escape the notorious summer heat without having to leave the capital, by going for a dip at one of the city's beaches.

The Construction, Housing and Utilities Ministry said in an online statement that 93 recreational areas had been made available for outdoor activities — 11 of which will offer swimming facilities.

From June to September, Muscovites can cool their heads at Beloye Ozero and Chornoye Ozero in eastern Moscow; Bolshoi Gorodskoi Prud in Zelenograd; Meshchyorskoye in western Moscow; Akademicheskiye Prudy, Levoberezhny, Beach Club and Serebryany Bor 2 and 3 in northern Moscow; and Troparyevo recreation area in southwestern Moscow.

All of the swimming points will have parking facilities, retail spaces, showers and toilet facilities, changing rooms, waste disposal and emergency medical aid posts, the statement said.

Opening hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from June to September.

As in other years, the sale of alcoholic beverages will be forbidden at all of the recreational areas, City Hall said, Interfax reported. 

How to get there

Beloye Ozero

Take bus No. 602 or 772 from metro Vikhino.

Bolshoi Gorodskoi Prud

Take bus No. 476 from metro Rechnoi Vokzal.


Take bus No. 66 from metro Yugo-Zapadnaya

Akademicheskiye Prudy

Take bus No. 179, 191, 114 or 282 from metro Voikovskaya, or take tram No. 27 from metro Dmitrovskaya.

Serebryany Bor

Take tram No. 28 from metro Shukinskaya or any bus (except No. 43) from metro Polezhayevskaya.


Take bus No. 227 or 114 from metro Teply Stan.

Chornoye Ozero

Take bus No.602 from metro Vikhino.


Take bus No. 138 or 739 from Rechnoi Vokzal or bus No. 65 from Vodny Stadion.

Beach Club

Metro Vodny Stadion or Voikovskaya.

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