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Car Smashes Into Parked Taxi After Botched Trolleybus Tow (Video)

(smart siti / YouTube)

A motorist whose car had broken down in St. Petersburg caused a smash while trying to get a tow from a trolleybus.

A video posted on YouTube on Tuesday captured the motorist's actions, which at first appear to be impressively inventive and opportunistic, but end up looking somewhat dimwitted.

The car owner and his passenger-turned-accomplice are first seen after a trolleybus pulls in alongside a bus stop on Grazhdansky Prospekt opposite Akademicheskaya metro station.

One of the men drags the submissive car by a rope while the other shoves it from the passenger-side door until it is within range of the trolleybus.

Once the car is tied onto the trolleybus, things are surely only going to get better for the owner of the clapped-out old banger. Or not.

As the bus starts to pull away, neither of the men manage to get back into the vehicle.

Despite a last-ditch attempt slow it down, the car stubbornly trundles along before thudding into the back of a parked taxi.

Naturally, traffic police are on the scene about three seconds later, as if they had been watching the events unfold and had decided to sit back and see how things played out.

Even without hindsight, most people can tell you that cars are easier to steer if you are behind the wheel.

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