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Deluge Causes Serious Flooding in Yaroslavl (Video)

Water surges down the steps and into a passenger tunnel at Yaroslavl train station.

Heavy rain left entire streets flooded and caused landslides in Yaroslavl, a news report said Friday.

The footage above shows that the city's train station was badly affected, and  highway surveillance cameras showed buses overloaded with passengers barely moving, while some trolleybuses could not operate at all due to high water levels, RIA-Novosti reported.

"Some trolleybuses continued on their routes. But in some places, for example near Yaroslavl's main train station, the traffic isn't moving," the municipal transportation office said.

Although most of the water that poured down on the city has receded, some of Yaroslavl's low-lying areas remain flooded.

The Emergency Situations Ministry reported no accidents or emergencies related to the rainfall.

However, a video posted online (below) shows an empty car lying upside down on the city's Volga embankment after the section of road it was parked on collapsed.

Local emergency workers are already recovering the car, a city office official told RIA-Novosti.

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