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Official Declares $3.6M Income Plus Snowmobile

Andrei Loginov, deputy head of the government's staff, has declared an income of 115 million rubles ($3.6 million) for last year, making him the highest-paid government official.

According to his income declaration, he owns several plots of land with an area totaling 15,000-square meters, a 329-square-meter home, an off-road motorcycle and a Yamaha snowmobile, Interfax reported.

The figures were published less than two weeks after Putin berated the Cabinet in a Kremlin meeting on May 8 for poor execution of his landmark decrees where he sought to make good on his campaign promises

Loginov's spouse has declared an income of 1.52 million rubles for the same year, as well as the ownership of two flats and a Lexus RX350 car.

Valentin Masenkov, deputy head of the deputy premier's secretariat, was the second highest-paid government official in 2012 with a declared income of almost 26.1 million rubles last year.

Masenkov also declared ownership of a 65-square-meter apartment and a rented 100-square-meter apartment.

Sergei Vasilyev, head of the government department for controlling the fulfillment of government decisions, last year made 24.9 million rubles.

He owns a plot of land with an area of 6,374 square meters and a 368-square-meter house.

Vasilyev also included a 203-square-meter rented apartment in his declaration.

In the same meeting Putin said he would hold one-on-one meetings with every minister at the end of the year to look at their performance.

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