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Bullet Removed From Soldier's Forehead With Pliers (Video)

A YouTube video showing "the Russian Terminator." Warning: The clip contains Russian profanity. 18+

A soldier has been nicknamed "the Russian Terminator" after a video was recently posted online showing a bullet being removed from his forehead with pliers.

The footage, believed to have been shot during the second Chechen war in 2000, was published on LiveLeak and YouTube a few days ago and has since gone viral.

It shows a piece of metal, thought to be a bullet or shrapnel, protruding from the man's forehead. He is wearing a bandana and no helmet.

A fellow soldier starts cleaning the area surrounding the wound and then uses a pair of pliers to take the object out.

Throughout the procedure, which lasts about a minute and is accompanied by the voices of soldiers swearing in disbelief, the wounded soldier remains calm and occasionally smiles, with only an odd grimace.

It is not clear why the piece of metal stuck in the soldier's forehead without penetrating. The soldier's fate and identity are not known.

It was also not immediately clear whether the video is genuine.

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