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Drivers Can Now Pay Fines Online

Drivers can now find information about road traffic offenses committed in their vehicle and pay traffic fines online, traffic police said in a statement.

By entering a vehicle's license plate number and registration number on a new website, drivers can obtain information about unpaid fines for road traffic offenses committed in their vehicle throughout Russia, according to the statement, published Saturday.

The new website was launched on Saturday but was down on Monday.

According to police, the new service will not contain personal information of individual drivers and will only display information about unpaid fines, regardless of which driver committed the offense.

To see individual offenses, the driver is required to register on the unified government service portal.

Drivers can also pay traffic fines with Visa and MasterCard using the unified government service portal or the new website.

Police say they hope the new service will be popular and will make it easier to obtain information on violations and to pay fines.

Unpaid fines can lead to criminal punishment of up to 15 days in prison, the statement said.

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