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Approaching Doomsday Used as Excuse to Skip Out on Traffic Fine

A Kemerovo region resident has refused to pay a fine after getting into a traffic accident because of the upcoming apocalypse, local court marshals reported Friday.

The unnamed resident was issued a 1,000 ruble fine ($32) for being involved in a minor car accident, but he dismissed it as meaningless and declined to pay it.

He wrote a 10-page explanation of his decision, saying that "according to his calculations the doomsday will come at the end of the year, and the payment would be pointless," regional court marshals said in a statement.

Every day he visits a court marshal to back his predictions with "schemes, drawings and graphs," the marshals said.

"The debtor thinks that if people become kinder to each other and forgive debts, then the doomsday won't happen," court marshal Irina Felzinger said, according to the statement. She didn't say whether officials backed his opinion.

According to myth, the Maya predicted the doomsday would occur on Dec. 21.

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