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Official: Milosevic Family Welcome Back in Serbia

BELGRADE, Serbia — A senior Serbian official said Slobodan Milosevic's widow and son should return from their exile in Russia now that the former autocrat's allies have returned to power in the Balkan country.

Milosevic's widow, Mirjana Markovic, and son Marko Milosevic fled to Russia after the wartime leader was ousted in 2000. They have been granted refugee status, despite warrants for their arrest issued by the former pro-Western Serbian government, which was defeated by nationalists in elections in May.

Both Markovic — who was an influential leftist official during Milosevic's reign — and Marko Milosevic are still officially wanted by Belgrade for alleged cigarette smuggling worth millions of dollars during international sanctions imposed on Serbia during the 1990s.

Serbia's government minister Milutin Mrkonjic said Wednesday that he hopes they would "finally" return.

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