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Dishwasher Explosion Causes School Evacuation

A dishwashing machine exploded at a grade school in southwest Moscow on Tuesday, prompting the school to evacuate the cafeteria.

An unidentified law enforcement source told RIA-Novosti that the explosion was caused by a glitch in the machine.

There were conflicting reports regarding injuries from the incident. The law enforcement source told RIA-Novosti that one cafeteria worker had been injured, while Tatyana Lysenko, principal of the A. Fridman Education Center No. 654 where the incident occurred, told Interfax that no one had been hurt.

Lysenko said the main trouble was that the destroyed dishwasher had fallen on another dishwasher, damaging it as well.

"Now the problem is that there's nowhere to wash the plates," Lysenko told Interfax.

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