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Unemployment Varies Widely Nationwide

Job opportunities are unevenly spread throughout Russia, state statisticians found. Andrei Makhonin

The unemployment rate across Russia differs greatly, by four times among the districts and up to 49 times among individual regions, the State Statistics Agency said in a report on June employment, Interfax reported Friday.

The lowest unemployment rate was registered in the Central Federal District at 3.2 percent in June. The highest was posted for the North Caucasus Federal District at 13.2 percent. The unemployment rate in the Northwest Federal District came to 4.1 percent in June. Among the other federal districts, Volga registered 5.4 percent, Urals 5.8 percent, Far East 6.7 percent, Southern 6.1 percent and Siberia 7.2 percent.

It was earlier reported that unemployment for the whole of Russia went unchanged in June and came to 5.4 percent. Among Russia's regions, the highest unemployment figures in April-June 2012 were posted for the republic of Ingushetia (47.9 percent) and the Chechen Republic (34.6 percent).

Double-digit figures were posted for the republic of Tyva (18.9 percent), Altai (11.4 percent), Kalmykia (12.5 percent) and Dagestan (10.6 percent), as well as the Zabaikalsky (10.9 percent) and Tomsk regions (10.1 percent). The lowest employment rates were posted for Moscow (0.8 percent) and St. Petersburg (1.1 percent), as well as the Moscow and Kaluga regions (2.8 percent).

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