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Half of Russians Disapprove of Sexual Minorities: Poll

Results from the poll on perceptions of sexual minorites by the Public Opinion Foundation.

Fifty-one percent of Russians relate negatively to sexual minorities, while Muscovites and other city-dwellers have the most tolerant attitudes, a recent poll by the Public Opinion Foundation, or FOM, showed.

But 32 percent expressed no negative attitude towards homosexuals, and only 17 percent said that learning an acquaintance was homosexual merited caution towards that person, compared to 29 percent that said it would have no influence on their relationship.

The poll results showed diverging attitudes among several groups. People living in cities with more than 1 million people, those who picked businessman Mikhail Prokhorov as a political leader, and educated people with higher incomes were all more likely to have tolerant attitudes.

The poll also revealed that many do not actually know anyone belonging to  sexual minority group, with 86 percent saying they personally do not know such a person. Fifty-four percent of respondents in the poll said these types of people should hide their sexual orientation, while only 20 percent said it wasn't necessary.

Respondents also weighed in on gay rights issues, including gay parades and gay marriage. Sixty-seven percent said gay parades should not be allowed, and an overwhelming 82 percent were against gay marriages.

Full results of the poll can be found here (in Russian).

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