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No Music in This Elevator, Just Possible Gems

A Krasnoyarsk resident made an unusual find in the elevator of her apartment building this week: a bag of 476 stones that look like diamonds.

The woman took the stones home after finding them Sunday, then showed them to a jeweler acquaintance, who judged them to be diamonds, Interfax reported.

On Thursday, she handed them over to Krasnoyarsk police live on local television station TVK, news site NGS Krasnoyarsk reported.

On the TVK program, a geological expert deemed the tiny stones, each around 1.8 millimeters in diameter, to be worth a total of about 100,000 rubles ($3,405).

Police spokesman Denis Golovikin told Interfax that it is not yet clear whether the stones are in fact diamonds. He said experts are examining the stones to figure out what they are.

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