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Quotas on Professions Eliminated

The list of foreign specialists who will not be subject to quotas will be expanded in 2012, the press service of the Health and Social Development Ministry said.

In addition to occupations currently unrestricted for foreigners, welding engineers, design engineers, electrical engineers, drilling technicians, installation and testing technicians and technician-technologists will be able to work in Russia with no quota on their total numbers.

A draft order to this effect is expected to be sent for approval to the Economic Development Ministry in the near future.

According to an official statement, the list is being expanded due to the fact that "there is a need for skilled workers who could organize qualitatively new production, apply new technologies, [and] work on new, often imported, equipment" in the country.

Since 2008, the Health and Social Development Ministry has annually approved a list of professions that are not subject to quotas on foreign nationals working in them. In 2011, according to the Federal Migration Service on Oct. 1, 17,303 people entered Russia to work in professions for which quotas do not apply.

Earlier this year, at the request of the Russian State Circus Company, the list was expanded by three positions: circus performer, sound engineer and ringmaster. With the additions for 2012, the list will include 41 professions — mostly managers and technical staff.

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