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Busted PETA Activist Strips on Television

American PETA activists Tracy Patton and Meggan Anderson, who were detained this week while attempting to strip in downtown Moscow to protest fur coats, were given an opportunity to complete the act on Dozhd television.

Anderson posed in her underwear for the cameras Wednesday evening, while Patton, wearing a thick, black sweater, fielded questions via an interpreter.

“This is really just a fun and upbeat way to draw attention to a very serious issue,” Patton said. “Millions of animals are skinned alive every year, so we can have a cute fur coat.”

But, a presenter asserted, "In Russia, the temperature gets down to minus 50 degrees [Celsius], and practically the only way not to freeze on the street is to wear a natural fur coat."

"Many people don't realize that there are just as warm and comfortable synthetic alternatives," Patton replied.

Police detained the women during their two-person protest at the World Trade Center, saying their event was not sanctioned by the city, but the women were released after a few hours when a judge failed to appear at their hearing. The pair were headed to Estonia on Thursday, then Helsinki, for more protests. On Oct. 26, they plan to demonstrate in St. Petersburg.

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