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Mitvol's House Searched

Law enforcement officers on Friday searched the home of Oleg Mitvol, the leader of the Green Alliance–People's Party and a former mayoral candidate for the Moscow region city of Khimki.

The search was conducted as part of a criminal investigation opened two years ago into mismanagement at the Public Roads Bureau of the capital's Northern Administrative District, which Mitvol headed between July 2009 and October 2010, a police spokesperson told Interfax.

The alleged mismanagement cost the federal budget 63 million rubles ($2.1 million), as the state enterprise went bankrupt, the spokesman said.

Mitvol wrote on Twitter that searches were also being conducted at the house of his mother and hinted that they could be linked to his criticism of the police.

Mitvol rose to prominence in 2006, when he was an official at the Federal Inspection Service for Natural Resources Use and threatened Shell for alleged environmental violations in a Sakhalin oil project.


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