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Baseball Bat-Wielding Taxi Driver Faces Investigation (VIDEO)

Altai police opened an investigation Tuesday after a video of a taxi driver threatening another motorist with a baseball bat went viral online.

The incident occurred Sunday in the Siberian city of Barnaul, when the taxi driver had to slow down to let another car pass, apparently sparking a fit of rage. He then overtook the other vehicle, blocked its path and got out of his taxi along with two other men.

A video of the confrontation posted on YouTube shows the enraged taxi driver opening his trunk and pulling out a baseball bat. The other driver, whose car had a camera mounted inside that was videotaping the incident, jumps out brandishing an ax.

Although no injuries were reported, police are considering pressing administrative charges, suspecting the driver of violating road-safety rules and placing other drivers in danger.

"A check is being conducted at present, during which the role of each participant in the conflict will be weighed and an administrative investigation will be opened," Altai police said in a statement.

Police have identified the taxi driver after contacting the company he works for, according to the statement.

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