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2 Terrorists Detained in Moscow Region, Police Say

Police detained two Uzbekistan nationals in the Moscow region who are suspected of belonging to an international terrorist group that recruited members and sent them to terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Interior Ministry said in a statement on its official website Tuesday.

"It has been established that in 2012, [the group] sent around 38 Uzbek citizens and more than 18 immigrants from Central Asia, including Russian citizens, to militant training camps from Moscow and the Moscow region," the ministry said in a statement on its official website.

The suspects, whose identities have not been disclosed, were detained in the Odintsovo and Podolsky districts.

Police also confiscated a computer and copy machines, equipment to make brochures and other accessories to prepare published materials. They also confiscated a large number of phones, sports equipment for combat training and brochures with extremist content.

The ministry said it is considering extraditing the suspects to Uzbekistan.

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