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Restrictions of Greek Food Imports Planned for July

Russia is planning to introduce temporary restrictions on dairy, meat and seafood imports from Greece from July 15, the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Inspection Service said Monday.

Food safety inspectors in June discovered violations of the Customs Union's hygiene standards. They said that the Greek Veterinary Service had overlooked improper certification of animal products intended for export, Prime reported.

"Restrictions will be imposed on all Greek enterprises producing food products, considering that practically all of them are included under the guarantee of the Greek veterinary services," a spokesman for the inspection service said.

Currently, 16 Greek companies import meat products, 27 import milk and dairy products, and 82 import seafood into Russia, inspectors said.

In late June, inspectors said that a ban on the import of animal products from Greece was being considered, and insisted on holding urgent talks with their Greek counterparts.

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