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In Photos: Moscow, St. Petersburg See Record-Warm Start to April

April in Moscow started warm with a high of 20.3 degrees Celsius on Monday, well above the average high of 11.7 C for the month and the earliest recorded temperature above 20 degrees in Moscow's history.

The snow has already melted two weeks ahead of schedule, as temperatures approached levels more often felt in late May or early June.

St. Petersburg also warmed up to a daily record of 19.6 degrees Celsius on Monday, almost 10 degrees higher than the average 9.5 C, though it cooled down to a more normal high of 7 C by Tuesday.

While residents flocked to outdoor cafes and parks to enjoy the weather, the unusual warmth is another indicator of climate change's impacts on Russia, from prolonged wildfire seasons to melting permafrost.

For now, Muscovites and St. Peterburgers seemed happy to enjoy the sunshine before temperatures are expected to drop back down to freezing later in the week.