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In Photos: Ukraine Saves Wheat Fields Endangered by Russian Offensive

Russia’s ongoing attack on Ukraine has left up to 25 million tons of wheat and other grain stranded in the country’s Black Sea ports.

While the blockade — which the UN said risked exacerbating the threat of a global food crisis — is due to end in weeks thanks to a landmark deal signed Friday, Ukrainian farmers on the ground continue risking their lives to protect the new harvest endangered by Russia’s offensive.

The increased shelling and missile attacks by Russia mean that farmers are living under a constant threat that their harvest will be destroyed by fires caused by an attack even before they attempt to collect it.

In areas already liberated by Kyiv, Ukrainian farmers are also waging a fight against unexploded ordnance left in the fields. Some farmers will likely abandon the crops amid fear for the safety of workers, though some are able to demine the land with a help of rescue services.