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Police Intercept Cat Carrying Drugs into a Russian Prison


Two suspects have been detained after reportedly attempting to use a cat to smuggle drugs into a prison.

The feline felon was caught with a special collar carrying 7 grams of hashish and amphetamines into a prison in the Tula region, south of Moscow, Russia’s Interior Ministry said in a statement Thursday. The cat had reportedly lived in the yard of the prison before an inmate took it home with him upon being released.

“They intended to release the pet near the correctional facility,” police said, presumably for the cat to return to its former home with the drugs.

Police footage carried by the Sloboda Tula news channel showed what looked like a black leather collar with an extra compartment.

More amphetamines and synthetic marijuana were seized in a search at one of the suspect’s apartments.

The two suspects face up to 10 years in prison on drug possession charges.

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