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How to Eat a Russian Feast

The Russian Pub

Have you noticed that after an evening of celebrating with your new Russian friends, you can barely walk to a taxi while your friends seem stone-cold sober? Are Russians used to drinking more? Can they hold their liquor better? Why aren’t they drunk?

Find out this Wednesday evening.

The Moscow Times Clubs have some spaces open for their Russian Feast evening. Here you will learn the proper way to drink vodka, which — to reveal the secret — involves eating between shots. But not eating just anything! You need the right combination of salty and sweet, with something buttery or creamy to keep everything balanced. 

The evening will be held at the Russian Pub in the city center. You’ll get to sample Borshevka, a new version of the first gastronomic vodka ever produced in Russia, enjoy appetizers, soup and a main course — and hear about the traditions of pre-Revolutionary noblemen and noblewomen and the “rules” the beau monde had to follow at table. 

The talk will be in Russian with English translation.

For more information about the menu, address, time, and cost see The Moscow Times Clubs page.

For more information about this and other upcoming events, see The Moscow Times Clubs site

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