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Reuters Confirms Identity of Putin’s Daughter

Katerina Tikhonova (L), daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, dances with Ivan Klimov during the World Cup Rock'n'Roll Acrobatic Competition in Krakow, Poland, in this April 12, 2014 / Jakub Dabrowski / Reuters

A second source has corroborated that Katerina Tikhonova is President Vladimir Putin's daughter to the Reuters news agency, two years after the outlet first broke the story.

Reuters identified Tikhonova, who works at the prestigious Moscow State University, as the younger of Putin’s two daughters in November 2015. State-owned Gazprombank’s senior executive Andrei Akimov and two anonymous senior academic sources confirmed her identity to the agency at the time.

Reuters' most recent confirmation came from the World Rock’n’Roll Confederation (WRRC) Vice-President for Legal Affairs, Manfred Mohab.

When asked whether Tikhonova was Putin's daughter, Mohab answered “yes” two times. He spoke with Reuters on the sidelines of an acrobatic rock’n’roll dance competition in Moscow on Sunday.

Tikhonova, 31, is also WRRC’s vice president for expansion and marketing, Reuters reported.

The initial story in 2015 identified Tikhonova as a rock’n’roll dance champion married to Kirill Shamalov, the son of banker and longtime friend of Putin, Nikolai Shamalov.

Forbes Russia listed the Shamalov family as the country’s ninth-richest clan this year with assets worth $1.32 billion.  

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