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Russian Comedian Sells 'Your Ex-Girlfriend' Telegram Channel for $20,500

Artur Chaparyan Screenshot "Stand Up" Rutube Channel

The owner of a hugely popular Telegram messaging app channel has sold it for 1.2 million rubles ($20,500) just two months after launching it, the online startup outlet reported Wednesday.

Both the founder, stand-up comic Artur Chaparyan, and an anonymous buyer confirmed details of the sale of the “Byvshaya” (Your Ex-Girlfriend) channel.

Chaparyan told he “got tired and chose the money,” identifying the buyer as someone who professionally promotes Telegram channels. “He monetizes it more successfully than I do because that’s what he does,” Chaparyan said.

The comic has reportedly already handed over the rights to his channel, which was the most-viewed channel in July and had garnered nearly 80,000 followers when the sale was reported on Aug. 29.

“Your Ex-Girlfriend” features posts from a fictional character who writes one-line missives to her ex-boyfriend. Her posts give readers the impression she regrets breaking up with him: “I passed by your house this morning.” “I dreamt of you today.” “Did your mother ask anything about me?” “Did you call me from an unknown number?” and “Why am I writing this?”

A week after the channel’s creation on June 12, a post mentions its former owner by name, saying “I am only now realizing that I should not have slept with Chaparyan.”

The buyer reportedly goes by the pseudonym “Yura Korb.” He told that “Your Ex-Girlfriend” is the third Telegram channel that he maintains as part of his “Black Team” group. Korb estimates all three channels rake in a combined 500,000 rubles per month revenue from ads, “depending on the season.”

Korb says he plans to keep channel's original content but will work to monetize the project more effectively.

Chaparyan told he had earned less than 1 million rubles from seven promotional posts he made during his tenure at the helm of the popular channel.

The Medialogiya monitoring company names “Your Ex-Girlfriend” as the most-viewed Telegram channel in July with 290,000 average views per post.

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