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Russian Police Seize Urban Hallucinogen Plantation in Moscow

Afgooey74 / Flickr

Police in the Moscow Region have arrested a drug trafficker on suspicion of growing hullicongenic mushrooms in his home.

The apartment in question contained greenhouses specially equipped for growing the mushrooms. Police also discovered two containers of the narcotics ready for sale on the black market, Tatyana Petrova, head of the state press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia, said.

In a statement, she said that: “during the police's search, a 20-year-old resident of the apartment was arrested for being in the possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms.”

Hallucinogenic fungi contains psilocybin, a substance banned under Russian law. 

A criminal case was launched under the Article 231 of the Criminal Code on the “illegal manufacture, sale or transfer of narcotics, psychotropic substances or their analogues,” TASS reports.

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