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Russian UN Representative has Doubts About New Aleppo Resolution

Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin Seth Wenig / AP

Russian UN representative Vitaly Churkin told journalists that a new draft resolution on Aleppo by the UN Security Council "doesn't coincide with Russia's approach."

Churkin called the UN Security Council discussion about the resolution "conceptual," and said that it "revealed a number of inconsistencies in the Security Council members' views." Churkin also said the document's prospects were "unclear."

The text of the new document, prepared by New Zealand, includes a point calling for the "complete halt to all attacks which can harm the civilian population or the city's infrastructure, including the recently carried out air attacks." It also calls for a 48-hour humanitarian ceasefire to evacuate the wounded and a return to the political process. 

Earlier Churkin had told Russia's RIA Novosti news agency that his government was prepared to examine the new proposal and that they found it "interesting."

Two previous resolutions on Aleppo failed in the Security Council. The first was proposed by France and vetoed by Russia, while the Russian plan was rejected by other Security Council members. 

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