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Oliver Stone Film Features Claims of U.S. 'Organized' Maidan

Oliver Stone has offered viewers a glimpse into his new controversial documentary film, “Ukraine on Fire,” which claims to reveal “the truth” about Ukraine’s Maidan revolution.

A new trailer was released Friday ahead of a wider summer release.

Given exclusive access to Russian President Vladimir Putin and former President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovcych, the trailer pushes claims of far-right involvement in the Maidan protests and following revolution.

Testimony from the disgraced Yanukovych included his claims that “the whole [Maiden] process was headquartered in the US embassy.” The former president also said that “no one knows” the identity of snipers who shot down protesters during the final, bloody days of the Maidan showdown. The vast majority of independent experts believe that Yanukovych's troops were involved in the shootings.

Visibly relaxed in the company of the three-time Oscar winner, Yanukovych said that “no one should feel safe” after the Maidan revolution.

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