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Heineken Bar Moscow Kickstarts the Summer

Street artists will change the courtyard’s look every month to keep Heineken Bar Moscow looking fresh and innovative.

Heineken Bar Moscow only had its official opening a week ago but it's already become the newest "it" place in Moscow. The line for the opening party was so long that people had to wait for an hour to get in. Occupying what used to be Good Enough cafe by day and Mishka bar by night, the bar has taken over a squat-like courtyard on the corner of Stoleshnikov Pereulok and Bolshaya Dmitrovka.

A pop-up, the bar will only grace Moscow's streets for one season ­— but that doesn't mean effort and thought hasn't gone into the design. The courtyard has been completely revamped for the summer and there's now a second bar next to the DJ booth, a street-art mural and all kinds of design shticks. A staircase leads to a small balcony area where you can survey the ebb and flow of the crowd around the main bar.

Severyane's chef Georgy Troyan is in charge of food, and it's criminally good for a bar. The beef tartare with grilled potatoes (500 rubles) is tender and delicious, while the whipped cheese cream with tarragon (190 rubles) is a delightful sweet accompaniment to your cocktail. The chicken breast with vegetable mousse is also worth mentioning (400 rubles) as are the veal cheeks with pear (550 rubles).

Heineken Bar

Bartender Vladimir Kolganov from Pinch, a bar near Patriach's Ponds, is the man masterminding a new take on traditional summer cocktails. There's Tarkhun-fizz, featuring the eponymous tarragon-flavored soda drink and a wine-based cocktail with thyme, Benedictine and grapefruit called the Aeroplane.

There are also innovative cocktails such as "Lapsha" (noodles) and "Aquarium" which are only available at the far bar of the courtyard (450 rubles each). The Lapsha cocktail is served in a Chinese takeout box with chopsticks, which can be used for eating the edible toppings. Aquarium comes in a tight triangular-shaped plastic bag with straws sticking out — which makes it perfect for avoiding spills while you dance.

Aside from the regular evening parties, Heineken Bar Moscow has also introduced daytime parties which start on Sundays at 4 p.m. It's the perfect excuse to spend your weekends at the bar enjoying the good music and warm weather.

+7 (495) 643 2137
11/3 Ulitsa Bolshaya Dmitrovka. Metro Teatralnaya, Okhotny Ryad

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