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Moscow Lifehack: How Do You Clean Super Glue Off Your Hands the Russian Way?

Ah, the May holidays: cleaning, washing windows, digging up the garden, fixing all those broken things around the house. You limp back to the office sunburned, with blisters, cuts and other weekend warrior injuries.

In Russia, the land of malls, for your DYI projects you can buy a variety of imported and domestic glues. A Russian favorite is actually a German-produced glue called Moment because it dries in a moment. That's very, very good when it's on your mother-in-law's favorite china teapot that you broke. But when it's sticking your fingers together forever? Not so good.

Here's a Russian lifehack to clean it off: Take table salt — or ask someone else, if your hands are immobilized. Drip a bit of water on top. Rub the salt and water mixture for several minutes until all the glue dissolves or is rubbed off. Genius.

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