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How to Celebrate the Holidays With Creative Kids

Got teenagers with a good eye for photography? Or younger teens who love a quest? Here’s how to keep them busy and happy over the holidays.

The Nekrasov Central Science Library and the Moscow Photo Walks group have announced a photography contest called “Searching for the Christmas Spirit.”

Individually or in a group, your future prize-winning photographers need to make a list — and presumably check it twice — of 15 symbols of Christmas, find them on the city streets, and photograph them. The might be images of anything from a Christmas tree to a mandarin orange, or perhaps something more abstract, like capturing the essence of love or joy. And then you send them in to a jury who will judge them on creativity, artistic merit and photography.

Winners get prizes from the Multi-Media Art Museum and the Mann, Ivanov and Ferber Publishing House.

The contest is open to teenagers 16 and older or younger teens aged 12-15 if they have adult supervision. Register and find more information at

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