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Sverdlovsk Governor Stymies Efforts to Strip Anti-Drug Crusader Mayor's Title

Yevgeny Roizman

Sverdlovsk regional lawmakers voted Wednesday to abolish the title of mayor, which has been held by divisive Yekaterinburg mayor Yevgeny Roizman since 2013, only to have their efforts stymied by the regional governor.

Sverdlovsk region lawmakers determined Roizman should retain his role as chairman of the Yekaterinburg City Duma, but would lose the title of mayor.

The Kommersant daily newspaper reported that by attempting to abolish the title, regional deputies were seeking to shore up their control over city affairs.

Sverdlovsk region Governor Yevgeny Kuivashev vetoed the legislation, asserting it violated the rights of Yekaterinburg citizens who voted Roizman into power in 2013.

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