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Moscow Woman Goes to Dentist to Get Tooth Pulled, Dies

The woman, who was in her mid-60s, began to feel unwell after the dentist injected her with an anesthetic, news agency Interfax reported.

A woman died during a routine tooth extraction in Moscow, the Investigative Committee announced Thursday.

An ambulance was called to the scene, but the woman, who was at a private clinic in southwest Moscow, was pronounced dead by the time it arrived.

The Investigative Committee has launched a probe into the circumstances surrounding the death.

The woman, who was in her mid-60s, began to feel unwell after the dentist injected her with an anesthetic, news agency Interfax reported.

One theory suggests she may have reacted negatively to the anesthetic, the Ren-TV news site reported.

Last June, a 17-year-old boy suffered a fatal allergic reaction to an anesthetic at a dentist's office in Saratov. The teen went into anaphylactic shock following an injection. In November, the clinic was cleared of any responsibility for his death, the Region64 news site reported.

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