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Russian News Agency Releases 'Confession' of Nemtsov's Suspected Killer

Zaur Dadayev

Russian news agency Rosbalt on Wednesday released what it said was an extract from former Chechen policeman Zaur Dadayev's confession to murdering prominent opposition politician Boris Nemtsov near Red Square in late February.

"Nemtsov and his girlfriend were walking along the bridge. Walking quickly, I followed them and started catching up with them. I didn't come across anyone on the way so I thought this would be the perfect time and place for the murder," Dadayev was quoted as telling investigators.

"Nemtsov was walking on the right-hand side, the young woman on the left, and they were walking arm-in-arm. When I was 10 meters away from them, I took out my pistol and loaded it. … At five meters' distance I fired three shots into Nemtsov's back."

"When I fired the first shot, I used my phone to send Bislan [Dadayev's alleged accomplice] a signal to drive over. At the same time I noticed a large orange vehicle driving past. Nemtsov fell and pulled the young woman down with him. But then I saw that he was alive and trying to get up, so I fired two or three more shots."

Dadayev, who is suspected of carrying out the murder together with four accomplices, was initially reported to have confessed to the crime. He later retracted the confession, claiming he had been tortured into giving it, human rights activists said.

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